About: Introduction to Movement



  • To provide enrichment movement and music classes in
    an early childcare setting.

  • To continue my work with young children in a social and
    nurturing enviornment, helping them to develop
    self-esteem and other skills necessary for them to


Overall Class Description


Creative & Imaginary movement class based on song, dance, aerobics, games, verbal instructions and physical exercise to further enhance listening, fine & gross motor skills, coordination, cognitive, social and emotional skills.  Instrumental use of egg shakers, bean bags, different colored scarves, parachute, rainbow wrist streamers, sticks to tap, balls to pass, and more. 


This is a continuous moving and fun movement class. Children flourish and learn through movement and play. Movement songs are used to teach children about counting numbers, making alphabet letters, identifying body parts, emotions, sign language, colors and more.   By using music, verbal instructions and modeling movement, children will learn to listen and follow instructions. This class will also introduce safety class rules, sharing, turn taking, interacting and playing with peers.  The curriculum will include proper and safe sitting, teaching a child a safe way to go from sitting to kneeling and then to a standing position. Children will walk  forward , backwards and side to side, clap, reach, try to snap fingers, gallop, hop, jump, march stomp, crawl, tip toe, slide and run during these classes.  The group will learn in and out, front and back, side to side and right and left, following the leader and to circle around. The children will use a lot of imagination and move like different animals, pretend to be swimming, tap dancing, working on a farm, etc. 


This movement class will touch upon many of the developmental milestones a child should be reaching. These skills are learned in a fun, motivating and learning way.  This class will keep your children's  attention. It is a great class for the very active and busy child, and it will help engage the more reserved child.