Mommy (Grown-UP) & Me


Children will interact with their mother, father or guardian and new
peers while they use their imagination to explore musical instruments,
move like different animals, pretend to be swimming, working on a farm,

dance, etc. Children will be exposed to different props in a fun and

imaginative enviroment. This is a fun and rewarding bonding experience

for grownup and their child.



What Is Provided By Imagine and Move:

Instructor, Music from Ipod to move to, instruments such as egg shakers,

bean bags, different colored scarves, rainbow wrist streamers, rain shakers

ocean drums, sticks to tap, parachutte, balls, animal props, microphone

system for children to sing into (occasionally) and many other fun materials.

We also provide lots of fun, physical activity and use of one's imagination. 


Duration of Class:

  30 - 45 Minutes


For Children one to three years old. 


Days of the Week:

Saturdays & Sundays and by Appointment



to schedule a class