School Classes


Both During and After School classes

are offered


How Class Begins:


Each child comes to class and sits on a colored circle and the fun begins from here.  This circle is to stay where it is and marks the child’s personal space.   We teach the toddler and preschool children that the color they sit on does not matter (you get what you get and don’t get upset) as next time, some children might get a different color.  This rule also applies with the instruments they will be using throughout the school year.  Please note that when children receive instruments, they will learn to wait their turn (life long skill) and hold the instruments quietly until everyone is ready and will then be verbally instructed to use the instrument and/or know to join in when the music begins.


What Is Provided By Imagine and Move:

Instructor, Music from Ipod to move to, Instruments such as, egg shakers, bean bags, different colored scarves, rainbow wrist streamers, rain shakers, ocean drums, sticks to tap, parachute, balls, animal props, microphone system for children

to sing into (occasionally) and many other fun and imaginative materials. We also provide lots of fun, physical activity and use of one's imagination.


Duration of Class:

During School: Half hour periods per class 

After School Programs: 45 minutes to an hour



Toddler through 5th Grade.

Class Description:

Toddlers and Preschool / Pre-K:

Your child will be sure to dance and sing with  "Ms. Brenda's" Creative and Imaginary Movement class. This class incorporates song, dance, aerobics and games that fosters coordination, imagination, and play. Each class, students will explore sound and rhythm by experimenting with different instruments, egg shakers, colored scarves, ocean drums, wrist band streamers, rain shakers, parachute play and much much more!  The children will have lots of fun, physical activity and use of one's imagination. 

 Elementary Style:      Kindergarten to 5th Grade


In this class children are sure to get their exercise, while they have fun and learn many line dances, such as Cupid Shuffle, Funky Cowboy, Watch Me (Whip it Nae Nae), Gummy Bear etc. We will use hula hoops and move to songs like "Shake it Off". We will have some parachute play, learn to limbo, perform many challenges to creative movement songs, learn songs in sign language, Play games, Possibility to sing into a real microphone with repeat after me songs. In short this class incorporates, song, dance, aerobics, imagination, games, fun and much much more.

Days of the Week:

Monday thorough Friday




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